February 23, 2014

Pickles and Ice Cream Baby Shower

Are you craving for a cute and unique baby shower idea? A pickles and ice cream baby shower theme will surely satisfy those cravings!

A few years ago, my best friend Brandi was pregnant with her baby girl and I wanted to host a baby shower that was not-your-typical shower theme. So I decided that a pickles and ice cream baby shower would be unique, sweet and oh-so cute! 

Pickles and Ice Cream Invitation
I believe a great party starts with a great invitation. I really enjoy making handmade invitations for events that I'm hosting.  They can really give your guests a sneak peak of what to expect from your party.  I used my Cricut to make the ice cream cutouts. The pickles were freehanded and cut out with jagged scissors. I used an embossing tool to add the bumps on the pickle and also the lines on the waffle cone. For the sprinkles, I punched out several tiny dots with a border hole puncher. Finishing it off with a jeweled red cherry on top! The invitation wording was designed on my computer with the phrase:

"Pickles and Ice Cream for the mom-to-be...not quite as tasty for you and me"

Table
One of the other hostesses, Amanda, created these beautiful sign-in scrapbook pages. It's always nice to have a guestbook or sign-in page for guests. Then you can give the guest of honor this memento from the party to show who attended their special day. 

Jar of Pickles-If you're in a pickle...
Many baby showers that I've attended have guests fill out a piece of paper with advice for the mother-to-be.  So we came up with a cute way to have guests give advice to the parents-to-be. A pickle jar that said "When you're in a pickle..." 

Milkshake Flowers
Fresh flowers are always a special touch to decorate an event. So I made these milkshake floral arrangements using fresh carnations. I used milkshake glasses and stuffed them with colored tissue to cover the green oasis foam. Be sure to pre-soak the foam in water so the flowers stay fresh throughout the party. 

Sandwiches, Pickles, & Ice Cream Bar
The menu for the party was also all about pickles and ice cream too. Deli sandwich platters were displayed with pickles galore! For dessert, we had an ice cream sundae bar with lots of different toppings for the guests to pile on and go crazy! 

Sweet Decorations
For decorations, I made these giant ice cream cones and pickles that coordinated with the invitations I had made. They really dressed up the kitchen island where we had the ice cream toppings set out. I've seen ideas for ice cream cone balloons which would have been a cute idea for this party theme. 

Ice Cream Favors and Favor Sign
We gave ice cream shaped jelly bean dispensers for the party favors. They were already pre-filled with ice cream flavored jelly beans. I attached a little thank you sign to each favor. 

As you know, I love to make matching favor signs to display on the table. Here's what the sign displayed:

"Ice cream is sweet, Pickles are sour...Thank you for coming to our baby shower!"

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes
All the hostesses helped make these adorable homemade ice cream cone cupcakes. Be sure to not overfill the batter or else the batter will overflow when it's baking. I personally think the ones that overflowed were quite cute; they looked like melted ice cream! 

Fabric Rag Wreath-Hospital Wreath
As my gift for the baby, I made a fabric rag wreath for the hospital door. I placed  the wreath on the front door as decoration for the party. To make the wreath, I took different fabric and ribbon in coordinating colors and cut them into strips. I tied them on a wire wreath form until the wreath was full. I attached the glitter monogram initial to the wreath and strands of ribbon to hang down.  I used glitter chip board letter stickers to spell out the baby's name.  

During my pregnancies I craved spicy hot wings all the time. I never had weird pregnancy cravings like pickles and ice cream, but I'm sure someone out there loves it. Brandi wasn't a fan of pickles and ice cream and none of the guests dared to try it in their sundaes. Why ruin a good thing? 

**Thank you to the other lovely hostesses (Amanda, Cyndi and Christi) who helped make this shower so sweet and special!**

Next time you are planning a baby shower, consider a pickles and ice cream theme! This theme could also be used for a baby boy shower as well! It's sweet, adorable, and fun way to treat your guests! 

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